Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks to Book People Who Rock

Thanksgiving is always a time of reflection as we look back on the previous year.  While we're both really grateful for a plentitude of things, this year we thought we would make a list of what and whom we are grateful for in the literary world.

In no particular order, we’re grateful for:

Adrian Ivashkov, one of the dreamiest love interests around, no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little one. He can visit our dreams any day. It’s almost unfair of Richelle Mead to have released Fiery Heart in the middle of NaNoWriMo. Who can be expected to write while Adrian awaits.

Those who organize and participate in pitching contests. Everyone, from the organizers to the slush zombies, agents, and other writers are so supportive. We know that it’s a huge undertaking. We’re very grateful for the Nightmare on Query Street team, especially our team captain, Michelle Hauck.
Other writers and editors who have offered help with queries, first pages, and introducing us to critique partners. 
Independent bookstores that keep going, even in this scary economic climate. There’s nothing like personal attention from a store owner or manager who really knows and loves books. We’d like to offer a special shout out to our favorites, in New York City: Shakespeare & Co. in the Village (where Betsy was a manager and met her husband, also a manager there) and Booksof Wonder. In Larchmont (Betsy’s new hometown) Voracious Reader and Anderson’s.  In San Francisco (Carrie’s new town):  Books, Inc.

Librarians.  In particular, Betsy is grateful for her children’s librarian who always has a great recommendation for a book. In the past year, Miss Rebecca has found the perfect books for her toddler, whether she was dealing with new glasses, potty training, the loss of her cat, or separation anxiety. As we know, books make everything better.

Mo Willems, Jon Klassen, Peter Brown, and other off-beat picture and early reader book authors for making hilarious books that parents don’t mind reading over and over and over again.

David Leviathan for writing Two Boys Kissing, which is among the most poignant books we’ve read in years. We’re talking full blown sobs on the subway, the kind that make other passengers stare, which is pretty rare in New York.

Other books we absolutely fell in love with this year including Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl, Kendare Blake's Anna Dressed in Blood, Veronica Roth's Allegiant, and Lauren DeStefano's Perfect Ruin, to name just a few.

Successful authors who post really honest stories of failure on their blogs to encourage the rest of us who are in the query and/or submission trenches.

Jennifer Lawrence for her portrayal of Katniss, and for kicking butt off the screen, too.  
J.K. Rowling for knocking herself off of the Forbes billionaires list by giving away 160 million dollars to charity, and for speaking out for struggling families.

Our beta-readers: Julia, Emily, Amanda, Christy, Jaina, and Laekan for their thoughtful comments and encouragement. Thanks for slogging through the messy stuff.  

Our e-readers which make it possible to read things like the hilarious and sexy How to Discipline Your Vampire by Mina Vaughn and Christina Lauren's Beautiful Bastard in public. Not to mention the authors of these books for writing steamy novels featuring multi-faceted women and complex relationships.

Our AP English teachers and literature professors. Sure, we didn’t want to read Melville and Steinbeck, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t good for us in the long run.

Our friends and family for putting up with our book obsessions and understanding when we’d rather stay home and write than go to a party.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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