Stuff We Like

Here’s a list of some of the stuff we both like:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (we both love the TV show, of course, but there is a fondness in Carrie’s heart for the original movie – I mean, how epic is Paul Ruben’s death scene?)
Jane Eyre
Jane Austen

Shakespeare (Carrie played Juliet in a Shakespearean themed Haunted House at Halloween from 1997 to 2004 and we both performed in Measure for Measure in an old deli on the Lower East Side)
Dorothy Parker
Cats (the animal, not the musical)

Vampires (sparkly or not)
Zombies (Carrie likes zombies, Betsy says they’re not sexy)

Ghost tours (collectively, so far we’ve been on ghost tours in Boston, Savannah, New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York’s East Village, San Francisco, Edinburgh, and the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, where Stephen King wrote The Shining.)
Stephen King (Carrie and Mr. King are 8th cousins three times removed; for real!)
The Muppets (Especially original recipe Grover, not the newfangled 2.0)

, particularly horror and sci-fi
Period drama and historical fiction

YA literature, we love so many books and authors, and we will do our best to blog about as many of them as possible
TVGossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Sleepy Hollow, Scandal, True Blood (team Eric!), The Walking Dead (who says zombies aren't sexy?), American Horror, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, The Simpsons, South Park, Scooby-Doo and other vintage Saturday morning cartoons 
Sweater weather
Downtown theater


Tea parties with finger sandwiches and sweet little hats
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Lookingglass

The Mary Sue
Harry Potter
Jasper Fforde
Dive bars
Magical realism
Universal healthcare



  1. Hello. I just wanted to say I approve of most of your list. Though I told Daniel Shaw (he directed me to your blog when I was talking to him) that Bigfoot is so passe. He's always been the cheesiest of America's monsters. I recommend replacing him with "Champy" the Lake Champlain monster. (note- I just looked him up and he's actually known as "Champ" which makes him less cool then I thought. I will still call him Champy (as will my two boys).

    Good luck on your books. I will be cheering you two on!

    1. Hi Kurt - nice to hear from you and thanks for your support! Glad you enjoyed our list. We are fans of Champy, Nessie and all the cryptozoologic sea/lake creatures. I understand that the Hudson River is supposed to have its own sea monster although I don't know if it has a cool nickname. However, I would disagree that Bigfoot is passé. "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet has just launched their 4th season, so enough people (besides me) must be digging Sasquatch these days to renew the show. Plus, there is always interest in reinventing a classic - retelling an ancient tale within a modern idiom. And finally, I adore the cheesy and silly and celebrate the quirky cliches that have captured the American collective imagination. Bigfoot, to me, is made all the better because of his inherent cheese factor. Say hi to Melissa and the kids! Rock on!

  2. Great list! I agree with most of your favs except I'm not a big fan of the Potter books.