Friday, November 15, 2013

Philadelphia: City of Ghostly Love

So, as mentioned, Carrie and I both enjoy going on ghost tours when we visit new cities. Between the two of us, we've been to many supposedly haunted places, but the most dramatic evidence of ghosts that I have personally encountered, happened when I wasn't even looking for it.

Several years ago, before I was married, I went with my parents to Philadelphia for a short weekend trip. My mom, who enjoys going to touristy spots on occasion, insisted we go to the City Tavern restaurant, one of the oldest restaurants in the country. She also always makes a big deal about asking the waiter to take a family photo.

Generally, these photos end up in a drawer, never to be thought of again, but not this one. When it was taken we didn't notice anything unusual at all. It was before digital cameras were available, so you had to patiently wait to finish a roll of film, then drop it off at CVS and wait again for the pictures to be developed.

The evening after this photo was taken, my dad and I went on a ghost tour of the city. The guide stopped in front of the City Tavern and told us a creepy story about how there was to be a wedding at the tavern, but the curtains caught on fire and the whole wedding party perished. He then stated that people still get married there to this day, but the ghost of the bride often photo bombs the wedding pictures.We didn't think anything of the story at the time and put it out of our minds.

That is, until we got the photos back.

You can see the dramatic white light in the picture. The photo was taken at night with no mirrors anywhere nearby. Not only that, but it was the only one on the roll like this. I showed the raw film to Carrie's husband, who dabbles in photography and he confirmed: there was nothing that he could think of that could have caused the smoky white shape in the image.

And this is why, when I did get married years later, before booking the venue, I jokingly asked if anyone had died there. Dude, wedding photography is way too expensive for some ghost to ruin it.

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