Saturday, June 3, 2017

Our Big, Hairy Newsletter

Dear Team Sasquatch,

We're delighted to let you know that we've joined the modern era and will be launching our monthly newsletter this week.

Wait, what? That's not the most modern method of communication?

Well, we haven't mastered Snap Chat yet, so we're a little behind.

What will our newsletter entail?
We'll be posting updates about the book, related events, Bigfoot trivia, writing tips, and special offers.

Why should you sign up now?

Good question! If you, do, you'll be the first ones to know about special offers, like pre-order swag and giveaways, some of which will be limited quantity or special editions, like these rad buttons. Plus, you'll be automatically entered to  win one of three Barnes & Noble gift cards.

How do you sign up? 
Visit and scroll to the bottom of the page. It's super easy, even for folks who don't know how to use Snap Chat either.

Happy reading!

Betsy and Carrie

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